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SAMS (School Administrative Management System)

The last two and a half decades have seen a phenomenal increase in the spread & usage of computers. In India there has been a tremendous growth in the usage of computers. During the last 6 years computers are being utilized in almost every sphere of life including Aerospace, defense, banking, teaching, structural designing, architectural designing, movies, accounting, graphic designing, advertising etc.

The administration of schools being highly sophisticated, it is almost necessary to get the whole administration automated. In order to automate the whole school administrations (so as to get error free accurate results) we feel happy to introduce SAMS (SCHOOL ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM), the complete school administration software. It covers each and every aspect of complete school automation.

'SAMS' is a customised School Administrative Management System. It is developed in Microsoft Visual Basic under Microsoft/Windows ver 9x. The multi-user version works on Novell 3.12 & Windows NT.

The main features of the software are:

  • Easy to setup
  • Flexible configuration
  • Easy to browse through master data
  • Finds any information within seconds
  • Context sensitive online help
  • Designed for Windows
  • Native windows look and feel
  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Easy to start at any time of the year

All the modules are on-line, multi-user modules, implemented on PC-Network. This ensures that more than one person can work on the same module at the same time, thus ensuring improved efficiency of operations.

The modules of software are highly integrated. Fee module is integrated with Financial Accounting. All the modules of the software are easy to use. Extensive, Context sensitive on-line help is available at every stage, thus enabling the user to operate without the need to remember even a single command, Besides extensive analytical reports are also available. User could also export the data/report viewed to other applications such as Word, Excel, word star, dbase, lotus etc.

The Software supports User defined password scheme, allowing each organisation to customise the security features to its own needs. All the reports generated by the System, could be viewed at the user’s convenience.

The highly integrated modules of the software are as follows:

Student's Personal Data Management

With the help of this software one can have full details about the students from the very beginning (the moment Registration form gets feeded in computer) His Personal Data such as Name, Address, City, Photograph, Age, Father's/ Guardian’s name, class, section, fee structure, subjects, parents occupation, School’s transport facility, scholarship, boarding/lodging facility etc gets fed in database so as to be retrieved according to management requirements. Various kinds of reports could also be generated, based on specific criterion such as area wise, religion wise, parent’s profession wise, and class wise, new admission list, admit card, admission ledger etc.